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What is the importance of good water well maintenance?

Maintain: to keep up, to keep in a certain condition, to keep in good repair. What is the importance of good water well maintenance? Like our teeth, our vehicle, or our house, if we don’t maintain our water wells we could be asking for trouble. Anyone who has had to have an engine overhauled or replaced or had to buy a new vehicle will agree that proper maintenance always pays off. Again, ask someone who’s been required to have a root canal or a tooth extracted; every-day brushing takes on a whole new meaning. So, although often inconvenient, we do maintenance with the belief that if we don’t, something worse will happen. And it stands to reason that the more we’re convinced of this, the more committed we’ll be toward maintenance.

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Need a Well Clean? Uh, yeah!

Don’t wait too long to clean your well.  Sometimes if you wait until your well screen is too clogged with iron bacteria, you aren’t able to restore your well to its original capacity.



VFD Customer Notice

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November 16, 2015

Dear Valued Customer,

“VFD” – Very Frank Discussion about VFDs – Variable Frequency Drives.

The times they are a changing, and as a company we can choose to adapt to the change or resist the change.  We are choosing to adapt to some of these changes.  One of the changes we have experienced is the technology of VFDs.  They can be very useful.  But, they also can cause you grief and added expense if you don’t know how to implement them properly.

We have been getting a lot of calls as it relates to the electric motors that these VFDs operate.  Here is what you need to know.  If you are using a VFD on a well pump with a vertical holloshaft motor, the motor needs to be a Premium Efficient Inverter Duty Motor if you want the motor to last.

We have seen some of these VFDs running Standard Efficient Motors.  This will cause these motors to fail prematurely.  The longest we have seen a standard efficient motor last on a VFD is 4 ½ years.  If you have a VFD or are considering one, please call us and we will give you the help you need.  We sell, service, install and stock Premium Efficient Inverter Duty Motors.  We also sell and Install VFDs and pump panel boxes.

Another one of the ways we are adapting is to redesign our website to make it more beneficial to our customers by putting more helpful information on it.  From now on, we plan to routinely place helpful articles, pictures, and videos on our website.  These will help you with planning for future purchases as well as maintaining and troubleshooting your existing irrigation equipment – Pumps, Wells, Electric Motors, Gear Drives, VFDs, and Pump Panel Boxes.

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